Impress your clients, and make the WordPress Experience much easier by building custom dashboards. Display anything you can with bricks, from quick-access links, to embedded graphs and data.

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Display dashboard templates conditionally by user or user role. This will allow you to create customized dashboards for each user, or groups of users. This is useful for different users that use WordPress in different ways, Now you can easily create dashboards for each one of them.
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There are plenty of heavy, feature-packed WordPress admin area builders out there that let you customize and tweak the WordPress back-end into an inch of its life. This is intentionally not that. This changes the /wp-admin/ dashboard area into a bricks template. That’s it.

It's extremely lightweight, and won’t slow down your back-end, or front-end experience. All you do is make the bricks template(s), and then choose which template you want to appear. 
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Bricks Dashboard Pricing

Build your dream dashboard with our one-time payment plan. No subscriptions, no monthly fees—just a single payment for a lifetime of customization.

Bricks Admin Dashboard
One Time Payment
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited templates
  • Lifetime updates
  • One-Click Plugin Updates
  • Apply dashboards by Users, or User Role
  • Lifetime Support
  • All future updates / features

Note: This lifetime pricing will not last forever. We will likley switch to yearly subscriptions shortly after Bricks does.


Explore our FAQs to get quick answers to common questions about Brick Admin Dashboard
What is Bricks Admin Dashboard?


Is a powerful Wordpress admin dashboard builder that utilizes bricks builder. It empowers users to create highly customizable and visually appealing WordPress admin dashboards without the need of coding skills.

Can I use Bricks Admin Dashboard on all my sites?


Yes, you can use your Bricks Admin Dashboard on all your sites.

Will this customize the rest of the back-end?


No, Bricks Admin Dashboard focuses exclusively on the customization of the wp-admin dashboard area, leaving the core back-end functionalities and styles of Wordpress untouched, and not bogged-down in any way.

Do you offer free/trial version?


No, but you can buy the license 100% risk-free for 60 days with a money-back guarantee. Just send us an email using the form below in case you need a refund.

Is it multi-site compatible?


Yes, Bricks Admin Dashboard seamlessly integrates with Wordpress multi-site functionality, providing a cohesive dashboard customization across multiple sites.

Can I conditionally apply templates in other elaborate ways?


Absolutely! Bricks Admin Dashboard offers a powerful WordPress hook for you to apply templates and implement customizations to suit your needs.

What Users are Saying About

Bricks Admin Dashboard

Alex Martinez, Blogger & Entrepreneur 

I’m blown away by Bricks Admin Dashboard. The simplicity of customization and diverse widget options have made managing my site a joy. The one-time payment is a relief – I have full control without monthly fees. A must-have for any Wordpress user!

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